29 August, 2012

Goose step

I have been distracted this week by a new member of the household. Julius, my nearly 8 year old son, requested a puppy for his birthday. This has been a request many years in the asking , and at a very responsible 8, I think he is ready for one. I am not.

The dog already has paint on him and has burst a tube of acrylic, eaten a roll of painters tape and shat in my studio on more than one occasion .He also gets under my feet and I have stood on him as I have stepped back from the easel. The guilt at the yelp is enormous.

He is cute, so he might survive if he learns to be a painting companion. His name is Freddie. Think Mercury, not Kruger.

So, as a consequence, not much painting getting done.

I still like the collective theme but need new subject matter. I saw some geese at the lake last week and they seem like a good new subject to try and get the hang of, plus I love their collective noun..... A gaggle!

Acrylic on canvas
75cmx35cm unmounted

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