26 September, 2013

The Wet T-shirt

We have a lovely ritual, the boys and I. We take the dogs( and ourselves) for a recharging and invigorating walk on the beach at Raglan. Always fabulous, no matter the weather. In fact, the wilder the better. Raglan is a west coast, volcanic black sand beach, home to a great community of artists and nature lovers, surfers, hippies and generally lovely people. It feels epic to walk along, often having the beach to ourselves.

We get to the beach and I say some stock phrases of mommydom. Choose the ones you identify with:


don't get wet, we don't have towels/spare clothes
try not get sand in your eyes/mouth/your brother's eyes/mouth
leave your shoes in the car or carry them yourself
did you put sunscreen on?
where is the hat I asked you to bring?
wear your hat!
Don't get sand in my car


can I swim?
Carry my shoes,hat,towel, clothes etc please
It is not hot enough for sunscreen/hat
I did not hear you ask me? I told Brother to bring them.
Where is my hat?
Why is the car seat so wet?

We walk the beach, they get wet , no matter the temperature, they collect sticks, dead birds( it was a dead seal pup  last week! I drew the line at that!)and shell. I collect wet clothes, shoes and hats like a coat-check girl at a nightclub( a job I held whilst a student!! This is far less lucrative!). Wet clothes are left to air dry on sticks they prop up in the sand.We collect them on the walk back.

This painting is an experiment on paper. I am not mad for it as it absorbed the paint too quickly and I felt the grain showed through too much.

The Wet T-Shirt
33 x 40 cm
oil on paper

Julius with his collection of sticks and dead seal

The high tide making stream crossings fun



  1. I love it! So atmospheric...love that last photo too...so much movement! It made me smile :D

    1. Thank you.....dogs and kids on a beach are a heady combination! The joy is palpable.

  2. Me too ! BIG SMILE. That last photo is simply fabulous !
    (and the title really had me . . . "The Wet T-shirt" . . . I gasped,
    but it's all good now !

    1. This made me laugh!...I always filter my titles with the knowledge that my parents read this blog! My moral compasses, they are!


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