12 December, 2014

A group exhibition and a floor talk.

I am exhibiting at the Te Awamutu museum with a number of very talented local artists ( they have awards to prove it) ,in an exhibition titled, Re-Imaginings.

Reimaginings will open in the Gavin Gifford Gallery on Friday 12 December. This exhibition showcases artworks by nine local artists who have each chosen an object from the collection to draw inspiration from for their own contemporary works. The works are fantastic, and it is a unique way for the community to engage with our collection. The artists featuring inReimaginings are:  Di Tocker, Lynn Nunn, Hilary Ramage, Carole Shepheard, Debra Powell, Nynke Piebenga, Heather Bramwell, and Jane Siddall....oh, and me.
On Saturday 13 December, starting at 11.30am, the artists will be hosting floor talks in the gallery to discuss their works. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from the artists directly about their creative processes and how they get from an idea to a finished object.

Unfortunately, it coincides with the Santa parade! I know, because my kid is on one of the floats! The other kid will have to sit with me and learn all he can.....artist as parent is hard work. My husband will be somewhere south, terrifying himself on an off road motorbike course.  You do what you must.

So, if you find yourself at a loose end and want to come listen to me blather on about the circumstances surrounding the creation on my painting, please do. Julius will keep you company and laugh if you roll your eyes.

The piece in the collection that resonated with me was a glass washboard.

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