24 December, 2014

ho ho ho

It's Xmas day and I have had just the best day.

Woken by excited kids FAR earlier than I like( but perfectly acceptable, given the day), I stumbled through the opening of presents (with my parents and brother watching Via FaceTime from the other side of the world), had a leisurely breakfast and then retreated to the studio when they all went for a mountain bike ride. I painted for hours. They returned and all played with various toys so I continued to paint , stopping only briefly to throw the ham in the oven and make the trifle. I painted all afternoon , lunched around 3.30pm, went for a glorious post lunch amble along a creek and through some forrest on a friends farm, dogs beside themselves with happiness. We saw a wild goat and they almost lost their doggy minds.

Then we returned, scoffed down some trifle and all peeled off to play with more toys, read or, in my case, paint some more.


I hope your day is/was as fabulous and that you got to spend it with the ones you love.

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