18 December, 2014

Lets blow stuff up!

I love fireworks. My kids love fireworks. Hell, who doesn't love fireworks.?!  ...oh yes, animals. And where do we live but surrounded by farms with horses, cows , sheep, dogs and other firework hating beings and I have to respect that. So, no fireworks for us and that has disappointed my kids when it comes to the one day a year ( the anachronistic holiday of the commonwealth, Guy Fawkes day) when we may legally purchase gunpowder and blow stuff up.

Sparklers, I am told, suck. Not too sucky to actually be ignored, but not as cool as things that shoot into the air and explode with a great shower of light and a satisfyingly noisy boom.

So, I decided to paint a fireworks painting for the boys and I enjoyed it so much I am turning it into a series. Oil on board and then an acrylic resin layer on top to add glossy depth to the already fantastical image. This is quite over the top but they love it and , you know, if they love it and they have it on their wall, I am happy. They will remember their mother who painted things specifically for them when I am old or gone.

oil on board, 60 x 40 cm

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