04 December, 2014

The people have spoken!

What great news! I won the Peoples choice award at the Waikato Sociaty of Arts 80th Celebrations exhibition with my painting " Eternal Celebration" Oil on board with resin.

I am so pleased . There are no other words.

But I am going to change the title. Suggestions?

It's a weird photo because of the resin finish. I am no photographer, so I have not worked out how to photograph shiny surfaces yet, but trust me, even I am impressed by this painting!

How funny is THIS effort!

 Can you see how shiny the resin is(and smooooooooth) how reflective it is? And yes, that view reflected is my view. And yes, I am grateful.

Thank you, People. I appreciate the vote of support.

1 comment:

  1. Wowee !
    Starry Night, but it's taken, pity, your panting's just as good!


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