28 October, 2012

A sunday painting

I don't often get to paint on a weekend, let alone a Sunday. Sundays are wake up late, kids all over the place, be mellow and potter around the house kinda days. Charles goes for an early morning bike ride, the kids take advantage of me sleeping late to hog the computers and I like to use the day to reorganise myself for the coming week.
This Sunday was different....I got up at 7 to go help at a school fundraiser, Charles took to the kitchen and made a huge fry-up breakfast feast for the boys and then took them all mountain biking. Cool dad!

I arrived back to see them leave.I seized the opportunity and threw the easel outside and painted my view for a few hours. I had to paint quickly as the light and sky changed quite quickly.

This is fairly big for en plein air, but seeing as I was close to home, I gave it a shot.I was using an old canvas that I had wiped off and then smudged it with a reddish tone. I feel less intimidated by a toned canvas. I have white fright!

So, here I am on Monday, disorganized and  looking down the barrel of the ironing......never mind, it was worth it!

35 x 45 cm oil on canvas board
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