17 October, 2012

Web woes and big dogs

My computer desk is strewn with the detritus of the last few days attempts to fix my website bugs. Empty teacups, biscuit packets and the minutest fragments of desperation chocolate litter the surfaces.Profanites hang in the air...they are always the last to leave.
Some of you can see my new website and some of you cannot. I have been wringing my hands and tearing my hair, Googling, YouTube-ing, , begging, pleading and occasionally sobbing.....but I am at an impasse. I need professional help with this web malady and have to exercise patience and wait for it to be fixed by those in the know. I hate not being in the know.I like being a know-it-all.

So, I paint.

This Rottweiler was inspired by a FB conversation with Vera and a huge sense of guilt towards my brother.....I have been promising to paint his lovely Rottweiler and , to date, have not.

As I do not have a recent photo of Marmite( her name!...the Chocolate labrador he has is called Toast!), I had to rely on another photo taken when I was running at the lake. Two ladies were standing on the path, mid chat.. One had a Rottie on a lead. It was seated but looked very intently at me as I came trotting towards them.Rotties have a distinct look....the eyes, the ears, the sense of power in those big heads....very distinctive.I ran wide past them.

I place this dog slightly left of center on the canvas but with her eyes slightly right,. I wanted to get the sense that she was looking past something in the immediate proximity( you!).....fixed on something in the distance, approaching.

25 x 35cm oil on canvas
NZ $ 100 excl p&p
click here to purchase
or email me jenniedegroot@xtra.co.nz

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