11 October, 2012

Night sky at the beach.

We have changed the clocks to herald daylight savings.....darker in the morning but lighter till later. This, my darlings, is the herald of summer hope.I say this with a timbre of desperation in my voice because I am still lighting the fire at 4 pm and have gone as far as to stack more firewood....summer is a few months away in reality.My lightweight clothes have to stay packed away for a while yet.

Summer . The epitome of summer for me is when I am not cold at night.....you can tell I grew up in warmer climes....but to sit on a beach, watching the moon play on the water ,without having to leave because I can no longer feel my feet.....mmmmmm, summer. This painting was all about wishful thinking.

Oil on canvas board, 20 x 40 cm
NZ$ 100 excl p&P
click here to purchase

1 comment:

  1. Oh Beautiful! Its just getting colder here but I think cold feet at night are a constant all year round! :D


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