14 October, 2012

Giveaway and an announcement

I have been working on creating a website. WOW!!!That's a biggie ,I hear you say ( I know!!), and as always, these things go well till a point and then one has to learn how to iron out any problems.That's the bit that sucks.This is where you come into the picture.......

Always keen to learn new things but quick to ask for help.   So here I am ,asking you to test the site for me and let me know what happens. As this is a new site, some of you might find it instantly and some might not....such are the vagaries of being verified etc.....I just need to know!

click on the link and it that does not work, please type this in your header bar

Now here is the bribe in the form of a Giveaway:  please test it and let me know what you found. Leave a comment in the comment spot at the bottom of this blog or email me jenniedegroot@xtra.co.nz.

I will enter all those who leave  a comment or send me an email into the draw for this little gem.

Thank you so much

16 x 24 cm
Oil on hardboard


  1. Oh my goodness you have been a busy camper, website looks wonderful, I seem to be able to find my way around ok, so if I can I am sure that most others will be more than successful :)


  2. I LOVE your work, Jennie, you are FABULOUSLY talented!!

  3. I tried both ways but it just said they couldn't find it (404 error) I am excited to find it now...I'll come back and take another look later and see if i have more luck! xx

  4. Hi Jennie- I tried the link on facebook and your link on your blog. Also tried typing the address into a header but no joy. Each time I received a message Google Error 404 URL not found. Your paintings are quite beautiful.

    Tim Saxon

  5. Works for me! Here you are in all your splendid painted glory, all over my screen :)

  6. It all worked this time! Lovely website, all worked perfectly and everything looked so clear and colourful...I was very tempted by the wasp, even though I am allergic to them, it looked like a magical creature, very beautiful! xx


Sorry for the hoops you have to jump through to post a comment, but I am being assaulted by spammers. I would love to hear from you, so please persist! Thanks, jennie

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