22 October, 2012

The View from the Farm

Long ago, in the days when I was very fit and mountain-biked up crazy steep hills and such, I used to enjoy this view. It is from the west, looking east, back towards Hamilton . In the autumn we would see the hot air balloons, rising above the city and in spring, we would be sharing the track with lambs and their noisy mothers. To enjoy this spectacular view we had to do a lot of climbing, often through a few flock of sheep and the odd smattering of young bulls( who all need lithium ). We usually stopped here to catch our breath after our panicked climb away from those sexually frustrated teens and marvel at this magnificent view. We being Big Luce and I . He has since left for the warmer climes of Australia and the big city lights.Bastard.He was such an amazingly fun friend and his genuine terror of the bulls made that ride worthwhile.

Anyway,Charles still cycles here and I thought that it would be a nice addition for his office......he can daydream about the view and mountain biking.

I used a palette knife on this painting , something I do not do very often, but it was fun and different and I shall have to experiment more with it.
30 x 60 oil on boxed canvas

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