18 December, 2012

It was the week before Christmas..

It was the week before Christmas,
and all through the house,
mayhem and havoc
made me grumble and grouse.(bah Humbug!)

I hate Xmas shopping
 the stress and the panic
 the car that then broke
and needed mechanics.(plural!)

Money's  been spent
and not just on stuff,
but bills and last notices
and than kinda guff.

My headspace is crowded with so many things
that painting and crafting are quite foreign things.
So, off with computers, out with distractions,
kids off from school means parental interaction.( oi!)

I need to recharge and get back my vooma
my vigour and vim and some kind of mantra
that lets me slow down when the world spins too fast
and helps me look forwards when I look in the past.

Whatever your faith
whatever you say,
enjoy the small things
and enjoy the next days
with friend or with family
whatever you choose,
rest and relax and maybe a snooze.

Tell those that you love
that love them you do,
and have a happy holiday
from me to you.

I have had a frantic few weeks of school productions, various domestic catastrophe's ( fridge , car and computer all broke!), bouts of extreme forgetfulness ( almost forgot to post my Xmas cards!) and general lethargy. So, in light of the above, I am downing tools, going to watch a few art DVD,s and learn a bit, draw a bit, play with my kids and enjoy the summer holidays and generally chill out. I will be back in the New Year. Happy Holidays! Thank you for reading my blog this year!


  1. Have fun! And Happy Christmas...thank you for writing your blog this year!! :D

  2. Green cows with antlers?
    You sure need a break.
    Red noses like Rudolf —
    so it's not a mistake!
    We all love you MADLY
    so will allow you to rest.
    We'll follow you next year
    'cos you're simply the BEST!


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