06 December, 2012

Plein air painting of Shelly Bay.

As promised, here is the painting I painted on top of the hill.....please note the bugs and grass seeds still in it!

I am chomping at the bit to go painting again, but the recent appalling weather, my hay fever and family needs have all shunted that to the sidelines.

I am setting my alarm clock for an early rise, preparing my palette and easel etc and going to see what I can paint tomorrow morning, really early, sparrow fart early.No wine for me tonite!

I have been using the inclement weather as an excuse to watch some painting DVD's. Quang Ho, a Denver based artist, has a wonderful way of explaining things and lots has fallen into place for me. The first DVD is called Nuts and Bolts .
Quang Ho explains some basic principles which, while I did not have a name for the, I knew them.( no, that does not make sense, but it makes sense to me!) I think it is all part of the echo that I have been feeling and hearing about various principles in painting. Now they have names, it makes it easier to remember and relate to.
The basic principles need to be adhered to, no matter your painting style, be it impressionist, abstract, expressionist, realist or whatever. If those elements are missing , no matter the subject, the painting will not read as a good painting.
If this atrocious weather continues, I shall get through my stash of DVD's and online videos pretty soon...but I better get some brush miles in too. somehow, indoor painting is not an attractive option right now...I really enjoyed the outdoors experience.

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