01 July, 2013

Expressive cows

Do cows have expressions?

This is what happens when you mix loud music, coffee, mineral turpentine, free canvas, oil sticks and frustration.

I am happy with the painting but really freaked out at how freaked out and wired I have to be to be able to paint like this!!!!
I blame my kids. Today is "dress up as your favourite book character" at school. My oldest kid decided to write his own book last night and go as himself ,because he really did not want to dress up. Seriously. So he wrote a book but then put a unicorn in the book because he really wanted to go as a unicorn but was worried the other boys would laugh and make fun of him. Being a book nerd boy is hard on the self esteem when you are 11. So, 10 minutes to school starting, he caves and decides to go as Frodo Baggins from Lord Of THe Rings. Dear god. That sees me sewing hobbit feet out of felt and knotting a  tablecloth into a cape with my tiny elf hands at superspeed. As he is about to hop out the car at the school gate ( 1 minute before school !) , saying goodbye, I notice my wedding ring on a string round his neck. WTF? He explains that he is Frodo  Baggins. Bilbo Baggins kept the ring in his waistcoat pocket and wore it but Frodo really only wore it round his neck, on a necklace. For authenticity's sake, it is a necessary prop. Deadpan face.

While I was musing on an appropriate response(twitch twitch " WTF !!" is not ok, he tells me) I saw at least 6 unicorns on the playing fields. All girls. I think his last minute decision was a good call. I hope my insurance is good for this but I know my parenting kudos just went up a notch.

As my gorgeous cousin Janet say, my shattered nerves.
45 x 60 cm
oil on canvas

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  1. My shattered nerves, I love it! . . . and that kid is 11 going on eleventy-one.


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