21 July, 2013

Remote crossing

I cross a few railway lines in my daily jaunts as child chauffeur and mommy taxi. These are mostly rural crossings, just a sign saying "The double lines perpendicular to the road indicate a railway line that is active. Please stop and look both ways. This is important, Dumbass" or something to that effect. I love railway lines. Not in a i-want-to-live-next-to-one kinda way but in the way they bisect the land so dramatically and the way they are either empty,portentous and draw the eye waaaaay into the distance or WHAMMO! busy, full of enormous machinery, noisy and downright dangerous. Anyway, whatever it is, I love looking down railway lines and thrill when I see a train (my kids are so embarrassed when I bleat "TRAIN" with such excitement ...eyes roll) ,train lights or even if a signal light changes.

Remote crossing
450 x 400 mm
oil on canvas
So, next time you are at a railway crossing,stop. Look ( yes, both ways) and if you have time, look again and see if you can find a thrill in it too.

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  1. "This is important, dumbass!" - Hahahahaha! You make me laugh, Jen! :D


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