26 August, 2013


I have waved the white flag at the idea of "moving" and am settling for chaos in the studio. I still have to get rid of a large, 3 seater art deco couch, but till it goes, it lolls like a hippo in the middle of the room, hogging all the space . It reminds me that I still have lots to do. I shall hide it with a screen if it bothers me for too long.

So, I have given up trying to get the room "perfect" before I start painting again and have just started. I am tripping over canvasses when i step back, have misplaced some paints and found some inks. I like to think of this kind of thing as serendipitous, so I am using the inks in the painting. Mixed media serendipity.

So, no more chatter about the room, I am just going to paint. Today, it seems my fingers wanted in on the action more than perviously.

A third of the mess!

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  1. here's plenty of earthy energy around today so you'll feel right at home. Tasks that require hard work and ingenuity are favoured, then you can breathe easy after a job well done.

    I read your palm.


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