11 August, 2013

Plein air urban landscape at the railway line

I wanted to get out the studio and go plein air painting today. I said it OUT LOUD last night. So, of course, it rains today! Squally, windy showers that are wet enough to halt painting for a few moments and windy enough to make you stand at the easel or it might blow over.

I had to go to town to do some last minute shopping for Charles's birthday tomorrow, so I packed the gear in the car and threw in the raincoat and thumbed my nose at the dark skies. Urban landscape it would be.

I had a great time...I stopped at the Killarney road industrial area that has a railway crossing and set up there. My back was to the sun (not ideal!) and I wanted ATMOSPHERE....so mostly, I created it because there was no way I could keep up with the changing sky!

See? Trains even passed! (yes, of course I waved!)

Frankton line
oil on canvas

25 x 35 cm

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