10 March, 2013

A Quickie on an oldie

I had just over an hour to grab a paint( I have made it a verb, sorry) this morning.....Monday mornings are "chore" morning...you know, buy some more food, pay bills, run errands, return  library books and overdue DVD's....but I threw the paint setup in the car just in case.In that hour I dashed to the Hamilton Gardens to paint the cafe across the Turtle lake. It is a scorcher today, so I sought the shade of the trees at a viewing spot just past the Hispanic gardens  and threw paint at the canvas. No , really, it was a bit like that.

I am painting over old paintings because I love the sense of freedom that comes when I feel I am re-using a valuable commodity. I am a op-shop queen, second-hand junkie, recycling cheerleader....I love things that have history. If I were allowed to indulge myself I would live in an antiques emporium, surrounded by mustiness and dust!
Reusing the canvasses is part of the loosening up process for me and I tell myself it is not valuable, so it does not matter...and then I have fun, push some elements (sometimes too far!) and experiment with what works and what doesn't.

Hamilton Gardens Cafe
20 x 30 cm
oil on canvas board

I also forgot to bring Cad Yellow, so I had to experiment with Indian yellow( thank you, Universe, It is a pretty colour, a strong tinter and quite unusual. Nice to make your acquaintance under such unusual circumstances. Come here often?!??).....sorry, heat stroke......

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