04 March, 2013

I owe Whangerei an apology

Don't ask me where I got the idea that the Northland city of Whangerei was a shithole ( sorry, but that is the best I can do this morning by way of description), but I was misinformed. It's pretty! It has some great architecture, a marina in the middle of the city, boatyards, trees, a general sunny feel and well worth a few days spent exploring. I am sure it has it's "wrong side of the tracks" element and all my police friends tell me it's a bit hardcore (Kiwi slang for crime and gang nonsense) , but I got a good vibe from it the day I visited.

So, sorry, Whangerei, if I have ever dissed you before. I want to come back and visit and make amends by painting you a few times. Only your good side, I promise.

I had not envisioned painting on the marina so I had not packed my kit, but I took a few photos and then drove back the 35 min drive to Waipu Cove and painted this, sitting in the dark on my cabin veranda(I wanted the authenticity of night!) and painted this from memory.

Whilst I was painting, a baby in the cabin across the way, popped up at the window and started gumming the window latch with great gusto until she spotted me. Mouth full of latch, she watched me gurn and make faces at her until she was convinced I was just nuts and not scary , and proceeded to chortle and engage in a game of Peek a boo with me, all whilst I was painting and she giving the window handle a good oral swabbing. Good times!

oil on paper
20 x 30 cm

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