08 March, 2013

What a week~!!!

Oh My Gardenias!!!! What a week!

I have been selected to submit works for The Original Art Sale in Auckland 17-19 May and I have been offered gallery space for my first, solo exhibition 19-21 April! Yikes! Doubly whammy!

I am so excited I am bouncing around!!!

I did a mad dash to my framers to get the ball rolling on the framing front and am going through other works, selecting and popping aside to be in the final cut for selection and still trying to paint and keep the kids alive whilst my husband is riding motorbikes in South Island for a week........breathe.......it's just all go, go, go!!!!

I am also bottling tomato sauce (autumn heralds the time of pickling and bottling the glut of fruit and veg that seems too good to waste), trying to pull the garden back from the brink of disaster (we have a drought) and house train the puppy.

Clearly, slowing down is not an option at the moment.

36 x 34 cm
oil on canvas

The drought and harvesting of maize is turning the countryside into a dust bowl. Rainclouds loom large each afternoon then disappear without depositing their promise on the parched land. The animals stand around in quiet groups in the shade of trees, the cracks in the earth are widening with each passing day.

I feel very much like I am in a transition: Summer to Autumn, drought to rain, unknown to known. I am ready.

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  1. Your excitement is so wonderful - all those opportunities, mixed with lots of hard work...I hope it all goes amazingly (and that you get a rest at the end!) xx


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