12 March, 2013

Reflective beach

I spent a lovely evening walking on this beach, taking photos and sketching , making notes as I went along. I felt very authentic and present, appreciating the experience of being there, but had a good laugh when I read some of my notes today ,as I was getting ready to paint

" How much do you thing a seagull weighs?'
" I wonder  what they taste like...chicken?? "
" Wet sand is darker( orange +purple?)warm grey than dry sand"
" I wish I had a Gin& Tonic"
"Gin tastes better when it's hot...best Gin was in Zimbabwe"
" Clint Eastwood is hot" ( He was shooting a film at Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe, when I developed my taste for gin)

and so on and so on.....

Clearly my ADD was not on hold!

But the notes and the photos put me straight back there an,d as I hid from the ferocious heat today, I painted the scene as it felt. Cool and tranquil.

Waipu cove beach
24 x 18 cm
oil on unstretched canvas

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