06 March, 2013

Marina for landlubbers

I get seasick if I sit in a swing-seat too long ,so actually setting foot on a boat turns me green at the gills within moment. I even feel lightheaded on wooden, floating docks! I know, ridiculous, but somehow I make up for it by loving the sea from the land. I am a poor swimmer and I don't like being cold and wet, so the sea is not really my friend  in a physical sense, but from a scenic and creative point of view, I am happy to stand back, admire and then paint!

I wanted something very abstract and loose for this scene, so I chose a platte knife as my weapon of choice and used ALOT of paint...big, gorgeous blobs of it! It was like icing a cake!

I saw speciality cake icing knives in a deli yesterday and thought they would be great to paint with....might have to go back and get some( and maybe some cake too!)

 41 x 33 cm
oil on canvas

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