22 August, 2013

Almost there......

Ok. But this was , and still is, a very chaotic move from old studio to new studio. The gymnast technician flick-flacked through my house, re-connecting les enfants terrible with their beloved TV, hooked up another point in case I moved again, and was gone in the flash of a very efficient dismount. Similarly, the Telecom man came and, with speed and efficiency, changed the modem setup so I can get internet (live streaming radio! ) into the studio, even in the furthest corner. Thank you!!

Now, I am still in a mess.....half in the old studio and half in the new studio, but it means getting rid of a beautiful old Art deco couch, a wardrobe, a treadmill and various other bits and bobs before I can settle. Also, I will "move" the contents of the studio around many times before I am settled. It is just my way. I would like to say I am organising as I am going but really, I am just a hoarder at heart and cannot bear to throw away anything. I shall show you my brush collection one day.....

So, because my space is a mess, I stepped outdoors and painted this from the deck. Nothing like denial and procrastination to make one feel better!

I would give you the measurements but I have" misplaced "my measuring tape, but it is about 30 x 45 cm, oil on hardboard. I like the smooth surface of hardboard....next time I will sand the gesso for an even smoother surface, as an experiment.

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  1. I really like that one. Can I buy it? Your loving husband from somewhere in Canada


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