10 February, 2014

Crossing I's and dotting T's

Today is a day for Administration. Organisation, filing, forms, invoicing, tax, cataloguing,pricing.........Urgh! These are the worst swear words in my lexicon of profane speech.But I must endure, for I am a professional artists and this is the stuff that can get you into trouble.

 I am just not a naturally organised person (my tupperware cupboard consists of 95% lids, all of which fit nothing...get it?)

But needs must.......so, I pulled up my big girl pants and have started getting as prepared as I can for my upcoming solo exhibition of plein air landscapes of the district.I am photographing, cataloging and labelling etc

"Painting my way home"

Painting the landscape of my adopted home into my psyche of belonging. A collection of plein air paintings reflecting my everyday travels and how they have allowed me to connect with the landscape and create a sense of home.

21 March till  30 May
Gavin Gifford Gallery
Te Awamutu museum

As soon as I can find a willing slave intern, I am going to train them to do my admin! Bring on the monkey's in the meantime!

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