03 February, 2014

Fresh start

I have started to paint several canvasses at once, adjusting them each day and deliberately slowing the pace of painting. I usually paint all prima, (wham, bam, thank you, ma'am), finished in one sitting. But, the thing is……I am looking for more commitment from a painting. I want to establish a more polished, planned  result and , god forbid, actually achieve the effect I intend with the use of some deliberate strategies. I want it looking semi-abstract and carelessly well painted.That requires great effort!

I am deliberately making mistakes, mark making just to see what it does to the image.. I am deliberately choosing certain colour schemes. I am deliberately slowing down and considering the results and adjusting my methods accordingly. It is maddening to slow down ( i am all rush, rush, rush…Little Miss Wing It!). I am also experimenting with glazes, spatulas and the liberal use of wiping.

So, not much to show you but here's a start…..


  1. Oh, how I love the second one already at this stage! It has something in it and it kinda feels like it needs one more tiny detail added or a glaze, or something and it would be done! It just has something free and fresh about it.

    Looking forward for the next stages!

    1. Exactly! I am thinking hard about WHAT i want to express in this painting and I agree, it is just a tweak or two away from finished.Thank you for the critique.


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