13 February, 2014

Procrastinating Like it's 1999

I am fiddling with old paintings that had good bones and needed to be finished or "fixed", some new ideas . I am still framing and organising, but under each pile of papers lurks a yawn and a snore, sometime a fright. I allow myself to be distracted because I am ...squirrel!

The cat has decided to sleep in my studio, under the table,  in a paper bag filled with bubble wrap.I have tried to dissuade him of this notion. He refuses to acknowledge my displeasure. He is a total bastard.

A small notan-like start on a painting of the Welsh coastal town of Tenby. Battered by ferocious winds and seas at the moment, when I holidayed there it was all sunshine and ice-creams.I am painting this to will good weather back to the sodden isles and remind myself of the fabulous holiday with much loved friends.

My coastal aerial perspective painting with the estuary...checking the values in Black and white

Still working on this! Looks much better now ( this is the before!) but still a work in progress. Will post soon when I have finished.

Tonite I am making a Valentines's day card for my husband.

It reads" I love you more than I love my computer."

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