16 February, 2014

Tomato sauce and painting

I am making tomato sauce and painting this morning. Odd combination of efforts, I know.

The tomato sauce recipe is from a neighbour and is so yummy I don't mind the kids drowning their food in it.I know what went into it and so am happy for them to prefer it over the store bought one. Also, I feel quite domestic and mumsy when I do things like this. Last week I poached home grown (yes, from my own garden) peaches in a spiced syrup. I meant to bottle them but we have eaten them as dessert all week, with a little mascapone cheese cream......too scrumptious for words. The kids think the Xmas food fairy has arrived.

I do these domestic goddess things every now and then to counteract my cutting edge  taste that appals and humiliates my oldest son. Clearly, the comment " Your mum has cool music" is  the same as saying " you are a dullard in comparison" and I have been entreated to listen to The Breeze, an easy listening channel, as opposed to creating my own digital radio station featuring The National, The Bombay Bicycle club, Joan as Policewoman etc (with thanks to music Guru, Stef, who sends me recommendations).
Actually, all the above is just to annoy him when he reads this, but I do do it because there is something truly fab ( no other words in my lexicon at the moment) in doing stuff like that. Stuff like gathering seeds from dead flower heads for next years crop, harvesting and bottling fruit from your own fruit trees, making wreaths out of vine cuttings. I wear aprons. In fact, I have a selection, mood dependant.

So today, I had kilo's of tomatoes and all the ingredients for tomato sauce, including the 3 hour cooking time. So, I painted whilst the tomatoes cooked. In a different space, though. No one needs a paintbrush used as a stirring implement( would not be the first time!)

using the moulix old time style!

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