20 February, 2014

Zorn palette landscape

I am using new boards that I have had prepared with a little Gamblin  transparent red underpainting and a limited palette (Cad red, Yellow ochre, Paynes grey, Titanium white) made popular by the inimitable Anders Zorn.

I was reminded of this practise by a US based artist called Oscar Aroyyo, who recently posted all his charts on Instagram. I love Instagram! He worked up all the possible colour blends of the various colours and their relationships. They were gorgeous just in themselves, let alone how valuable such an exercise is to remind oneself of what a limited palette can offer.

I want to evoke that feeling of being a child and travelling by car or train across the hot , boring plains,car full of holiday stuff, squashed next to a sibling and possibly, the dog, hot , bored, listening to Dad's favourite Beatles cassette for the 20th time , lulled into daydreaming to save sanity.

61 x 51 cm
oil on board

Did I succeed?

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