24 February, 2014

Give it a name

I am continuing to use the limited Zorn palette (titanium white, Paynes grey, cad red and yellow ochre) with great effect. Limited palette makes for a cohesive colour scheme and I am very intuitive with colours as I mix and paint. ( For intuitive please read" chaotic") . To be honest, it's just so easy!

oil on canvas
20 x 40 cm

To be honest, I am playing. I know, work should be HARD, but this time, it's not. My mind is preoccupied with some other stuff and there is no way I could paint if it was not fun , right now.  So I play and the more I play with good results, the better I think about things that need thinking about.I think?!

I have stopped giving the landscape paintings titles because I think that is too leading. It is whatever the viewer thinks it is or whatever they relate it to. Make it your own. Give it a name.


  1. Waterblommetjiebredie

    1. Bahahaha! Translation: Waterlily stew, a popular dish from my childhood in South Africa. Well ok then......


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