24 March, 2014

An experimental age

I started painting with the idea of watercolour-like washes in mind and then, over the next day, had some kind of turnaround and ended up here. Here being NOT where I was going but also very nice.I feel like someone who was meant to go on a skiing holidays but ended up on a tropical island .Same Same but different . Just not what I expected.

I am experiencing an experimental age. I cut my hair off to reveal a healthy crop of silver hair( which I love!) , I am experimenting with fermenting drinks ( non -alcoholic!) , learning to cook real Mexican food and my painting is becoming bigger and , as you can see, I am not afraid of colour or throwing paint around. I think I shall curb my enthusiasm for a while! My dance card is full.

I wish I had them as 2 separate paintings....I like them both!

The start....

The finish

oil on board
1200mmx 600mm

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