09 March, 2014

Last week in review

Last week was insane.

You know that torture when they tied all 4 limbs of a person to 4 different horses and made them gallop off in opposite directions, effectively wrenching the poor person apart? Well, that didn't happen, but mentally ,that image was all I could think of for the week when people asked me how I was doing. I was not busy but so mentally engaged in SO MUCH that I felt I was not exactly in the place I was supposed to be at any given time. I have that feeling that I have forgotten to do something important, all the time.Disquieting indeed.

100cm x 79 cm...oil on canvas

detail of above

Work in progress

Possibly finished, possibly not.

Definitely work in progress.
BTW, if you did not know of that awful torture I described above, I am very sorry I brought it up.

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