16 March, 2014

Monday morning

A glimpse into the studio, whats on the easel and listening to a new band BOY...a german girl duo who sing in English. Europeans are SO good at being multi-lingual. When Charles and I travelled to Holland he always spoke dutch to them  and they always replied in english! He was crushed! Bahahaha!!

Ok, I got distracted there but I love a side-story.

Whats's on the easel



I love seeing other artist's studios and their art practises. I am super messy, have everything out on display, and really enjoy the space but continually mix it up and move things around. I lurk around the internet, peering into others studios and then pin them on to my Pinterest board and make mental notes to try some things they do. I saw an artist use a pegboard as an easel...simply genius, really. I want.

I had to tidy the studio as I had guests this weekend and so, yes, this is the tidy version. The untidy version has a full dustbin, a plethora of mugs and the odd beer bottle(don't ask) and canvasses leaning on every surface possible and a varnishing station. And yes, those brushes do get used.ALL of them!

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