31 December, 2011

2012 Happy New Year

Last night someone one asked me if I had a new year resolution. I had not actively thought about it until then but I answered immediately " Do everything the same, just better" When I think about that sentence,it makes me feel very happy that my life is so good that I cannot think of a specific need or want that I would verbalized other than to improve. To be a better painter, to heal my runners knee and become a better runner, to be a better parent, to manage my time better, to spend more time with my family...all the same things ,just better. I am very much a " can't see the wood for the trees" kinda girl, but this morning, as I sit in my studio snug,reading through the lists of things I set myself to achieve this sat year, seeing my paintings on the wall and space where some have sold,writing I this blog, I can actually say I see where I am going, how I have got to this place and what I need to do to keep going. it is a good feeling. Thank you for getting me here, folks. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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