01 December, 2011

rukuhia road...again

This is another interpretation of a photo taken yesterday.Still on the easel !!!

I have been a productive and busy bee today. I refrained from any family drama's this morning and got everyone to school on time.Score! I then packaged up all the raffle hampers for Sunday's Fishing competition raffle.Then I came home, went for a barefoot treadmill run, vacuumed, cleaned and did a general tidy up before settling not some painting. Now, why can't every day be this productive?! I even had time to watch the farmer next door re- fence his trees to protect them from the frisky horse abuse they seem to attract. The grass is long in the paddocks and I encounter harvesters, balers and monstrously oversized tractor machines on every country road I travel at the moment.

And now, I shall clean my palette and brushes,make a cuppa tea and settle down with a book and await the return of the heathen children. Then it will be "batten down the hatches "time all weekend.But I am set up for it because I got to paint.Score!

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Location:Gillard Rd,Ngahinapouri,New Zealand

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