05 December, 2011

across the peat to the Kaimai Ranges

I had a good day painting today. I Need to paint fast to eliminate detail and fussiness. I am going to buy a kitchen timer clock for my studio.Yet another thing to cover in paint. The camera, kettle,door handle......you name, it, I have managed to get paint on it! sometimes the only thingI Paint is my immediate environment.

I digress.I liked this painting. I painted another of a building and it was TERRIBLE! Really, I mean it....I threw the entire canvas away. Then I fished it out the bin.....and threw it away again ,just for good measure.

I have to start selling some paintings. I am fast running out of space but am at a loss as to who to approach and how to proceed. I also want to fund a workshop that I am interested in attending next year and have set myself the goal of contributing to the workshop cost through my art. so, if anyone has an idea, let me know!!!

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