29 January, 2013

My View

The boys still have a week to go before school starts and unless I paint somewhere they are occupied, they drive me nuts and I cannot paint at all.I did not fancy them anywhere outdoors today as it was forecast to be hot. Today I negotiated a spare hour of peace ( frankly, I threatened them with a computer ban) and painted in my garden.I just needed an hour, I begged. The dog came with me and watched as I painted. It was hot. Very, very hot. I was able to sneak indoors for a drink halfway and continue without them noticing my presence. I was glad we were not somewhere in the blazing sun, sizzling like sausages.

The race down the farm
20 x 25 cm
oil on board

I cannot believe how my usual green view is so dry and dusty!

1 comment:

  1. A lovely view - even when dry and dusty! (both versions...) :D


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