28 January, 2013

The hidden meadow

I sacrificed quite a bit of blood to the notorious sand flies whilst painting this idyllic scene. I had spied this meadow many times before on the walk up to Wentworth Falls. It is just off the path, behind some Kanuka and Nikau palms, a flash of orange and green.

I love how the light falls on the meadow , striating it with lines of light against the dark of the bush.

I painted quickly as I was being eaten alive by sandflies and I hopped around quite a lot. This was the most energetic painting I have done in a while! I discovered that the Crocosmia montbretia is considered an weed in New Zealand! A South African import.....no wonder I fell for it!

Crocosmia meadow
Wentworth Valley
20 x 30 cm
oil in Archival paper

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