15 January, 2013

Technology infusion

I love technology, but it must have a  useful and exciting application for my life.  I remember how excited my mom was when we got our first microwave. We watched a chicken thaw. Seriously.It blew our minds . ( although, she always asked us to step back from the window in case it cooked us too...you know, by accident. Knowing what I do now about that kind of technology and the eighties, I think she was on to something). Dinner was now no longer planned by 8 am, you could wing it till 5 and still have a ready meal by 7! It made a huge difference to her life . Menu spontaneity could enter our lives without fear of botulism.

Flick forward 30 years......

I have totally bought into Apple products..I have an iMac an iPad and iPhone, my kids are umbilically attached to their iPods and I swear, my husband is about to tattoo an apple logo on his chest just to get some attention from us these days.

And now, the Apps. Like addicts , we accumulate and hoard them, each better and funkier than the last, demanding more and more ....until we need more memory. Which ones to delete to make more space for the newest purchase?? The review is crushingly difficult but those eliminated are usually well past their best-by date and the new shiny app is so alluring....I feel so shallow as I write this, but they fulfil my need to buy  just because it makes me feel better , sometimes. Priced well and full of instant gratification....the perfect shop .

So, my latest is an art app called Value Viewer. It is genius for what I need it to do. I have loaded it onto my iPhone( but you can use it on iPad too). I intend to use it for en Plain air work when I am struggling to see the values....a failing I am working on, and now I have a tool to assist me. The idea of Notan studies is very appealing  and this little app has that as a feature as well as a heap more. I saw it advertised in Plein Air Magazine, an american magazine well worth subscribing too if you are into good, en plein air work. There is a digital subscription that is very affordable, but you must have broadband. Go to  www.outdoorpainter.com to have a look.

I digress.

This is the official blurb:

ValueViewer is an indespensible tool for artists who paint from life. Whether "en plein air" or in the studio, ValueViewer will allow the user to take a photo of their subject, view it in grayscale, or posterize it into two or three values. You may also select an existing image directly from a photo album on your iPhone or iPad. Controls let you adjust the light, mid-tone, and dark area of your image to "key" your painting correctly, and assist in helping you "see" value, even in the most unforgiving light. The image can be zoomed in and out, scrolled, and rotated into position to help you find just the right composition for your painting. Convenient adjustable 'frame' overlays help you crop the image to fit your canvas, and grids can be displayed to help you transfer the image to your canvas.

Best $5 I have spent in ages.

I turfed the app for recipes......my mother taught me well and I know how to cook!

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