19 January, 2013

Rejected Rhubarb

I painted this seated in my veggie garden.By seated, I mean sprawled on the ground, pretending to weed but actually hiding from the children.

This is the rhubarb, growing rampant against the dark windbreak of the Griselinia hedge.
They hate rhubarb, the menfolk of my clan. I planted it a few years ago. They have professed to hate it each year and each year I let it grow again in case their tastebuds have evolved and the now love the stuff. No such luck.They have moved from mute grimacing to yuck to now describing it as revolting. At least their vocabulary is evolving, if nothing else.
I actually dug it up last year but it is a stubborn thing that grew again this year, oblivious to the dislike of the offspring.

I hope you like it.I shall harvest and freeze it.....maybe my dad will like it........

Painted with a palette knife on paper, 30 x 20 cm, 20 minutes


  1. I just popped some rhubarb from my garden in the oven. Frozen back in the summer, I am hoping that the taste will warm me up and remind me of summer sun, as the snow falls outside...now I can look at your painting while I eat it! :D

  2. Your Dad will love the rhubarb and your painting.
    I love all three.


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