01 January, 2013

Big sky and red Barn

I saw this as I was driving home from the pool....a bruised looking sky above the fields growing maize, with a red barn just in the distance. Strange to think of the temperatures as near 28 degrees with these skies, but the humidity was so high I knew the thunder would start sooner than later.  The relief of a few temperature drop makes me laugh when I think about growing up in Africa, where summer temperatures used to soar into the mid thirties on a daily basis. Now, 24 degrees is my magic number.

23 x 30 cm
Oil on canvas

Summer is very languid for us at the moment. I have lost track of the days of the week. We are all dressing straight out of the laundry pile and there are wet towels all over the place. How can two small boys use so many towels? They seem to leave damp patches everywhere, so it's not as if they are even using the towels to dry off properly.

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