19 March, 2014

Thursday mutterings

I treat this blog like a confessional, sometimes, forgetting I might actually have an audience . I will then be confronted by something I said here  being repeated to me or referred to in real life and I feel shocked. Am I truly this daft?

So, time for the confessional:
Forgive me, readers, it has been 4 days since I last painted and, frankly, that's 4 days too long. I have been attending to my new exhibition in Te Awamutu, attending to the needs and wants of my family, wrangling with file called "Finances" because it is almost year end and taking more work into town to be framed. I took delivery of some more paint and have yet to even open a tube/ now THAT is a sin.

For my penance,  I took the dogs for a walk (they have become escape artists recently and worried the sheep next door, so I had to offer them a walk), put a load of washing on, went to Pilates class and now I am back in the studio with happy dogs, perfect posture and the gurgle of a washing machine in the background, ready to paint.

A quick glimpse of the exhibition at TE Awamutu Museum. My plein air work of the last year or so.


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